About Us

Cultivation Generation is about

By utilizing our events as well as relevant forms of media to create resources and opportunities for young people to have genuine encounters with God:
  1. Cultivationgeneration.com
  2. Cultivation Generation Live Albums
  3. Cultivation Generation Conferences

Speaking Gods destiny into young people's lives. Utilizing the wisdom and teaching of those who have gone before us. Demonstrating a culture that values young people by:
  1. Encouraging / allowing young people to lead ministry (everyone gets to play)
  2. Introducing events that are strategically aimed at reaching young people (The conference environment/ resources speaks their language)

Having an uncompromising agenda of outreach as part of all of our events. Not being content with meeting for our own sake but taking advantage of the momentum at each conference, as well as our numbers, to minister to, and bless the Cities we meet in. Teach then reach method. Having clear road maps to discipleship through collaborating with established entities such as but not limited to:
  1. VCOM
  2. Heroic Leadership Institute
  3. VLI
  4. VBI
  5. Church Planting Task Force

Our Team

Jeremiah Carlson
Jeremiah Carlson
Director, Worship (Music), Workhops and Speakers
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Kara Carlson
Kara Carlson
Set Decor, Creative Worship and Merchandise
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Jesse Nilo
Jesse Nilo
Artistic Worship and Expression
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